POWER 100 is a heavy duty Quaternary detergent that disinfects and deodorizes as you clean. It is formulated as a concentrate making it economical to use. It is a broad spectrum germicide for mopping or spraying hard surfaces. Its germicidal action is effective in destroying a variety of bacteria, yeasts, and molds when tested by the A.O.A.C. Use-Dilution Test and other procedures. POWER

ENVIROMINT is a heavy duty Quaternary detergent that disinfects and deodorizes as you clean. It is designed for all types of commercial and institutional general cleaning jobs and is a broad spectrum germicide for mopping or spraying hard surfaces. ENVM

ENVIROMINT possesses three-way disinfecting action when used as a detergent-germicide:
1. disinfecting the surface
2. inhibiting the growth of bacteria
3. transforming mops, cloths or sponges into self-sanitizing articles

ARREX-100 is recommended for the sanitizing, disinfecting, and odor controlling requirements in food plants, dairy farms, and in food service operations where spillage, waste disposal, and reusable utensils frequently create unsanitary conditions. No potable rinse is required. Arrex-100 is effective against most pathogenic bacteria and guards against mold and bacterial buildup when used on and around equipment, as well as on floors and walls. ARREX

DISINFECTANT PROPERTIES ARREX-100 attacks a wide range of pathogenic bacteria including S.typhosa, Staph aureus (antibiotic resistant variations), E.coli, S. choleraesuis, A.aerogenes. PHENOLCOEFFICIENT 26 A.O.A.C. against Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhosa, Streptococcus pyogenes, Salmonella pullorum and Salmonelli schottmulleri. ARREX-100 when used on environmental inanimate, hard surfaces at 3.5 ounces per 5 gallons of water is effective against influenza A2, herpes simplex, adenovirus type 5 and vaccinia viruses.

POWER PLUS CLEANER SANITIZER is a low foaming iodophor for sanitizing glasses and dishes in restaurants, bars, hotels, schools and institutions, in a 3 compartment sink, with a use dilution of 1 ounce per 5 gallons POWER PLUS CLEANER/SANITIZER is regulated under the Food Additives Amendment of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for use on food processing equipment and utensils, up to 25 ppm of titratable iodine, without requiring a rinse with potable water. POWPL

VelvaSan is a unique, skin-conditioning, non-alcohol hand sanitizer based on the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride. The efficacy of VelvaSan has been confirmed to reduce S. aureus- MRSA 99.9% in as little as 15 seconds.

VelvaSan has distinct advantages over gelled alcohol based hand sanitizers. Unlike the alcohol hand sanitizers, VelvaSan is not flammable, will not stain clothing and is less drying to the skin.

Published studies report that gelled, alcohol based hand sanitizers actually make the skin dirtier, not cleaner, due to the removal of the protective layer of natural skin oils and the subsequent entrapment of dead skin cells by the thickeners used in alcohol based sanitizers.

VelvaSan has exceptional skin feel, moisturizing and conditioning properties and does not leave the hands feeling sticky, nor does it contain polymer thickeners or silicones to alter the feel. Hand sanitizers should never be used as a substitute for proper hand washing and hygiene practices. NAHS

SANISCRUB SANITIZING HAND SOAP is a premium quality antimicrobial liquid soap. It is a highly effective hand cleaner which is mild to the skin, foaming in use and offers excellent germ killing properties. Contains Chloroxylenol. SHC