DfE Products

The Green Kitchen — DFE approved

Green Products:In conjunction with the DfE review process, Envirochem has reformulated an automatic dish detergent, a solid pot & pan detergent and a solid rinse aid for I/I cleaning and maintenance that, according to Envirochem, meet EPA/DfE’s recommendations and offer improved health and environmental characteristics.

These Qualifying Products contain no inorganic phosphates, hazardous solvents, or environmentally harmful surfactants. Instead, they use a proprietary blend of surfactants, solvents, pH adjustors, and other ingredients, which exhibit more positive environmental and human health characteristics than conventional cleaning formulations.

ENVIRO 3000 solid machine dishwashing detergents are a totally new, biodegradable and environmentally friendly range of products. They are phosphate free and all water conditioners and other components are readily biodegradable in compliance with EU and DFE standards.

GS 3000 is formulated in accord with the very demanding DFE standards for safe use and handling along with the most favorable environmental properties. The GS3000 formulation is extremely safe to use and handle, requiring no hazard labeling. It is metal safe and provides clean dishes and sparkling glasses with total safety when used at normal warewashing concentrations.

GS3000 HD and GS3000 HDX are formulated for heavy duty commercial dishwashing applications. These products offer the same favorable environmental biodegradability profile as the GS3000, but contain a powerful alkaline builder system for economical, heavy duty cleaning applications. GS3000

GREEN RINSE AID is a concentrated rinse additive specifically formulated for use where hard water is encountered. GREEN RINSE AID ends time-consuming rejects of glasses, silverware and dishes to give sparkling, spot-free serviceware with a minimum of time and labor. GREEN RINSE AID prevents lime scale formation that causes the filming and spotting that plagues dishwashing operations, particularly in hard water areas. Rejects caused by poor rinsing are greatly reduced. Production is speeded up and overall efficiency is greatly improved. GREEN RINSE AID also aids in controlling foam, giving better pump pressures for an effective performance, and will not harm machine parts or utensils. GRIN

New “Green” ENVIRO RINSE 3000 is a concentrated solid rinse additive which reduces dense-water surface tension, providing rapid sheeting action for spot free drying. The excellent sheeting action of ENVIRO RINSE 3000 helps eliminate alkaline and hard water film deposits from flatware, glasses and dishware. In addition, ENVIRO RINSE 3000 controls foam thereby improving the performance of the dishmachine pump. ENVIRO RINSE 3000 is formulated to attain excellent results in soft to medium hard water conditions. ENVIRO RINSE 3000 is ideal for use in low energy dishmachines, fixed cost accounts, and accounts where space is at a premium and employee handling and safety are of primary importance. GRINS

GREEN POT & PAN is a viscous liquid detergent concentrate that meets DFE requirements. GREEN POT & PAN has a fresh, clean fragrance which makes it pleasant to work with. GREEN POT & PAN is concentrated for economical use. A blend of superior emulsifiers and synthetic wetting agents make GREEN POT & PAN a superior, high sudsing, liquid detergent. Good for restroom sanitation when a germicidal rinse is added to solution of GREEN POT & PAN and water. GREEN POT & PAN is a mild product that holds its suds and cleaning power while soaking dishes clean. Makes dishes and pans sparkle. Mild on hands, yet has extreme grease-cutting power. Heavy duty. Economical and easy to use. Completely biodegradable. GPP

ENVIRO GREEN PAN 3000 SOLID POT & PAN is a versatile, high sudsing, solid detergent. ENVIRO GREEN PAN3000 is specially formulated with environmentally friendly and approved raw materials for heavy duty cleaning of hand washing soiled pots and pans. ENVIRO GREEN PAN 3000’s spot free rinsing characteristics also make it an excellent detergent for use on dishes, glasses, silverware, and equipment. ENVIRO GREEN PAN3000 is packaged in a convenient, easy-to-replace disposable canister. These highly concentrated, long lasting canisters reduce labor and handling at economical use dilutions. ENVIROGREEN PAN3000 holds its suds and cleaning power while soaking dishes clean. ENVIROGREEN PAN 3000 has extreme grease-cutting power, yet is mild on hands. ENVIRO GREEN PAN 3000 is economical, easy to use, and is completely biodegradable. GPPPS